Pokamon Gijinka (human form)



I suddenly have the urge to cosplay Gyarados.

^ You totally should, I’ve got all my fabric for Squirtle :P

IDEK what I’m doing anymore

:’D I’m so going to regret doing these one day

Harley make-up test fun
Ignore my crap-hole of a room ;3;

Doing an Isabella make-up test.
Seriously guys if that flower isn’t a tattoo she has the patience of a god to be putting that on everyday!

Anonymous asked: YOU! You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Smile! You're amazing! Never stop being awesome! ♥

Thank you anon ;3; 

this gif thing is amusing me too much now ._.;

Blank face ._.

(also, check out my sweater-turned-scarf :’D)

Playing with my mikasa wig and the gif feature.
I hate this wig.



Oh, the cleverness of me!

Peter is a punk rocker.

Aherm. Yeah, this is what I wore to the Disneybound Day at Disneyland (which was full of fun and great people, by the way). Breakdown time, but…

First and foremost, I want to thank whimsicalmela for taking many of these pictures! She was super sweet and offered while we hung out for the day!

All righty, here it goes. Basically, I had to do a sort of punk-ish Peter Pan. What else would the kid be? 

The shoes: Picked ‘em up at the Melrose swapmeet. Heck yeah.

The pants: Those were white once. Dyed ‘em.

The shirt: Bought it from a kid who was making these. I think he was starting his company? Either way, my favorite shirt I own.

The vest: Okay, here’s where hours of my life and ounces of blood went into. I butchered an old denim jacket to start, and from there, it was all scratch. The patches were all hand painted and sewn on. I made the hood from some flannel then got some feathers and colored the tips. Sewed those on one-by-one and had to make sure they all stayed flat so  they wouldn’t fold and snap. All the star spots on the back were painstakingly pushed in and bent back so they didn’t pop off. On the front, more hand painted patches and the green star panels (more dyed fabric so it’d match everything else). I made several pins like the ones you get at concerts for bands, but instead relating to things of the Neverland variety. Most are self-explanatory, but there’s a few tougher ones in there I’ll let you ponder on. One side is reserved for native american-ish/Tiger Lily stuff, because she’s awesome. Of course, we couldn’t forget Tink! I took a charm Cindy gave me and painted it to put it in a bottle cap. I think that’s it? Yeah, I’m going to say that’s it.

Accessories: I really do love the crocodile. I found myself a ring and made a wrist band out of various pieces of leather and a button I painted to look like an eyeball. The little chevron band is something I made a long time ago, just sort of has all Peter’s colors in it. The rings were part bought, part made. The leather one with the acorn I carved and dyed, and the dagger ring I rigged with a charm I painted. The raven’s claw is kind of a distant reference to a character in Kensington Gardens, but that’s not exactly Disneybound-related so much as just Peter Pan. Lastly, I made a little clip with a bottle full of pixie dust! 

P.S. Please don’t hijack/alter/etc the idea. This took a long, long time to construct and is pretty dear to me and all that jazz.

wow wooow *-*

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do you know how fucking confusing that would be oh my god

how do you know it’s not 10:30

how do you know it’s pm and not am

what the actual fuck

There’s a slight difference in the thickness of the hands
How many round faced clocks differentiate between AM and PM?

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My hair is awful and I don’t know what to do with it anymore ;3;

Finally got pink hair and everyone else did at the same time!  Also roots - my hair dresser is in London, but I can’t get to London. And I don’t trust myself/know what to do to fix it myself D:

If anyone knows the source of this, please tell me. Like.. now <3